Relatives of Terter case victims dissatisfied with new investigation

Relatives of the victims of the “Tartar case” today held a protest in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office. They are dissatisfied with the course of the re-investigation, the investigation into the facts of torture of convicts and tortured servicemen.

The protesters noted that in spite of the renewed investigation, many officials involved in falsification of cases, torture and murder remained unaccountable.

They demanded that all those responsible be punished. Representatives of the protesters were invited to the General Prosecutor’s office.

* In the spring of 2017, a group of military and civilians was arrested on charges of cooperation with Armenian special services and preparation of sabotage against units of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense. The investigation and trials in this case were closed. During the investigation eight people were tortured to death, five were subsequently posthumously rehabilitated.

In December 2021 the Terter case was reopened due to numerous protests by relatives of the innocent victims and those convicted.

By April of this year, investigators had identified 397 people who had been tortured in military units as victims. At the same time, the sentences of 16 people who were wrongly convicted were cancelled.

Besides, 10 people were arrested on articles as follows: 145.3 (illegal deprivation of liberty), 293.2 (torture; cruel, inhuman or degrading), 341.2.2 (abuse of power), 341.2.3 and 128 (intentional infliction of light injuries) of the Criminal Code.

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