Relatives of the arrested blogger held an action of protest in front of the French Embassy

On Thursday afternoon, a group of relatives of blogger Shameddin Mammadov, arrested in Jalilabad, held a protest rally. They held in their hands his portrait and photos of officials who sued the blogger.

Among the protesters was the son of the arrested man, who appealed to the head of state to accept him threatening otherwise to renounce citizenship and ask for political asylum.

“We fought to defend our homeland and ask for a meeting with the head of state or his aide. We are dissatisfied with the leadership of the Jalibad region who ordered to arrest my father,” his son Nahid Mammadov stated.

His fault was that he made public the deaths of young mothers in the Jalalabad hospital and was arrested for it, he said.

The police tried to push the protesters away from the building. No one came out of the diplomatic mission to the participants of the action.

The protesters were detained by the employees of the Nasimi District Police Department and released only in the evening.

Nahid Mammadun told IRFS that the police treated them rudely and twisted their arms and put them in the car. In the Police Department, they were warned not to hold any more actions in front of the embassies.

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