Police have beaten up journalists and threatened them with death

Today, on February 16, the employees of azadliq.info site Fatima Movlanli and internet channel Azel.tv Sevinj Sadigova, who provided media coverage of the action in front of the President’s office faced rough treatment by the employees of security service and were detained by the officers of the 9th police division of Sabayil district police department.

As Fatima Movlanli informed IRFS after detainment the police demanded that the journalists delete video records, and later their telephones were taken away. In the police department the journalists suffered rough treatment by the policemen.

Fatima Movlanli was was severely beaten up by two police officers in front of the department leadership. The beatings continued in duty office as well, where the journalist was threatened  and demanded to cease professional activity. Then the journalists were further delivered to Main police department of Baku city, where deputy chief of the department, colonial Vugar Alekperov responded to the complaint of journalists that if the police treated them adequately then they would have been already dead.

In 4 hours after detainment the journalists were released.  According to Fatima Movlanli to their request to provide them the video records from the cameras near the President’s office, deputy chief of the police said that perhaps the  cameras were not operating and for that reason the records could not be provided.

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