Saleh Rustamov’s health status on 24th day of hunger strike

“The health status of Saleh Rustamov remains to be critical. He suffers from severe joint pains and walks with difficulty,” lawyer Bahruz Bayramov said on Monday after his meeting with Rustamov, who is on hunger strike for 24 days.

According to the lawyer, his relatives convinced him not to go on a dry hunger strike. However, he was determined to go on hunger strike.

According to doctors, in the case of a dry hunger strike, within 12-14 hours Rustamov could fall into a coma and it would be impossible to save him.

Note that the lawyer had previously appealed to the Plenum of the Supreme Court to reconsider Rustamov’s case.

International organizations, representatives of the Azerbaijani public urged the authorities to release Rustamov.

* Supporter of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA) Saleh Rustamov was arrested in May 2018 and sentenced to 7 years 3 months of i9mprisonment in the so-called “illegal financing of the PPFA” case. Human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner. Subsequently, the Supreme Court reduced his sentence by 2 months. Since November 6th he went on an open-ended hunger-strike demanding his release.

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