Supreme Court did not satisfy Aliyev’s cassation claim

The country’s Supreme Court on Wednesday did not satisfy the claim of the head of the opposition “Citizens and Development Party” (CDP) Aliyev against the custodial sentence imposed on the complaint of border service officer Emil Jafarov.

He and another officer, Ramin Adilov, filed lawsuits against Aliyev after an interview with Youtube channel Osmanqızı TV on December 9, 2021.  Both officers were in the helicopter that crashed on November 30, 2021 and survived. However, Aliyev expressed doubt that anyone could have survived the crash. He also suggested that the border guard helicopter was shot down by the Russian side.

On the first claim, Aliyev was imprisoned for 5 months, then the court granted the complaint of the second officer and increased the term of imprisonment to 6 months.

Today the Supreme Court rejected the complaint of Aliyev on the first case.

Lawyer Javad Javadov called the Supreme Court’s decision “unreasonable” and “spoiling the image of Azerbaijani courts” as saying that a complaint will be submitted to the ECHR.

Another complaint against Aliyev is currently being considered in the defamation case filed by a former functionary of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party, Ramiz Geyushev.

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