Tale Bagirzade continues his hunger strike

The convicted leader of the Muslim Unity Movement (MUM) Tala Bagirzade, who continues the hunger strike, has health problems, lawyer Bahruz Bayramov told Turan. On November 29, he, along with another lawyer Fahraddin Mehdiyev, visited Bagirzade in  jail  N12.

According to the lawyer, Bagirzade has been on hunger strike since last Saturday and drinks only water. “He has a fever from time to time. He was not isolated from other prisoners, he was not taken under medical supervision,” the lawyer said.

According to him, Bagirzade demands an end to the violation of his rights and inhuman treatment, at the same time, he did not complain about physical pressure. He rejects accusations attributed to him and his supporters of ties to Iran. “He said that he always supported the independence of Azerbaijan. During the Second Karabakh War, Bagirzade and his Movement called on Iran to take the side of Muslim Azerbaijan, and not the occupier of Armenia.

MUM also opposed the position of Iran, which is trying to block the Zangezur corridor,” the lawyer continued.

Bagirzade’s wife Leyla Ismayilzade told Turan that on November 29 in the evening she received a call from the Baku office of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

“When Tale started a hunger strike, I turned to the Red Cross to inquire about his  health. Yesterday, at about five o’clock in the evening, I was told that from the jail N 12 the Red Cross was informed that Tale was isolated in a separate room and taken under a medical examination,” said the wife.

Earlier, the penitentiary service denied statements about Bagirzade’s hunger strike.

* In 2015, Bagirzade was arrested during a special operation in Nardaran and sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of terrorism, an attempt to change the constitutional order, the creation of an illegal armed group, etc. He was recognized as a political prisoner.

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