The activist Agyl Humbatov’s family does not know where he is being held

The family of the activist Agil Humbatov is worried about his fate, since law enforcement agencies do not provide her with information about the place of detention.

“Agyl was detained on August 11. The next day, the Khazar regional police told me that tomorrow, that is, on the 13th, he would be transferred to the Shuvelan pre-trial prison.  But, I cannot get information about where Agyl is now, what concrete reason he is accused of, is there a court decision to take him to battle?” Agyl Humbatov’s wife told Turan. She does not believe the police claim that her husband was detained for stabbing a villager.

The woman believes that the activist is being persecuted for criticizing the authorities on social networks.

“On the eve of the arrest, Agyl’s facebook page was hacked and his video messages were removed, in which he demanded the establishment of child benefits,” said the activist’s wife.

She noted that her husband had previously been arrested on defamatory charges. So, last year, according to the perjury of one woman, Agyl was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

It was not possible to get comments from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Humbatov was detained for stabbing a resident of the village of Zira, Yamen Mammadov. The incident took place on August 11.

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