The activist of the PFPA is imprisoned in a punishment cell

An activist of the Party of People’s Front Party of Azerbaijan (PPFA) held in colony No. 17 Zamin Salaev (also known as Alizamin Salaev) has been imprisoned in a punishment cell. This was reported to Turan by the NGO “Line of Protection”.

According to the same source, Salaev was offered to write an application for pardon.

When he refused, they threatened him that in this case he would spend the rest of his term in the colony.

Later on, he was subjected to physical pressures and imprisoned in a punishment cell.

No comments were received from the Penitentiary Service.

* Note that Salaev was convicted on April 20, 2020 by the Salyan regional court and sentenced to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment on charges of” slander “and” insult”  based on a complaint from an officer of the local police department.

The reason for the claim was a video distributed by Salaev on the Internet where he, in an interview with a police officer, accused him of inciting a 21-year-old local resident to cohabitation.

On August 6, the court denied him release on parole due to serving half of the sentence.

Salaev has been recognized by human rights activists as a political prisoner.

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