The court leaves Avaz Zeynalli in custody

Today, the Binagadi District Court did not satisfy the request  for house arrest for the head of Khural TV, Avaz Zeynalli, announced  the lawyer Agyl Laij. According to him, the defense will appeal against the decision of the court.

The lawyer also said that Zeynalli was charged with another charge under  the Article 312-1 (Illegal influence on the decision of an official).

*Avaz Zeynalli and lawyer Elchin Sadigov were detained by the prosecutor’s office on September 10, and on September 11, the Binagadi court arrested both of them for 4 months.

Zeynalli was charged under Article 311.3.3 (taking a bribe on a large scale), and Sadigov – under Article 32.5, 311.3.3 (assistance in taking a bribe on a large scale) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

International organizations have condemned the arrest of the lawyer and journalist. They called on the Azerbaijani authorities to release the indicated persons. On September 17, the Baku Court of Appeal changed the measure of restraint for lawyer Elchin Sadigov to house arrest.

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