The court sentenced Abid Gafarov to one year in prison

The Yasamal District Court completed consideration of a complaint in the form of a private criminal charge against  Abid Gafarov, the head of the Baku Unity public association, the host of the KİM.TV YouTube channel.

Lawsuits against him were filed by a group of veterans of the second Karabakh war.  At first there were seven veterans who complained, later four withdrew their complaints, Gafarov told Turan.

The reason for the complaints was Gafarov’s speech on the Internet, where he reproached the veterans that they “boldly attacked the Armenians, but now they are not fighting for their rights, and out of hopelessness they sew up their mouths, arrange self-immolation.” True bravery is courage shown against a despot, and veterans behave “submissively”.

Gafarov considers the accusation  legally unfounded, but he did not name anyone personally.  Nevertheless, the linguistic examination found “slander” and “insult” in Gafarov’s statements.

“The examination issued a conclusion in 48 hours, while in practice this process takes at least a month. Everything is obvious, there is an order for my arrest,” Gafarov said before the court session on July 13.

On Wednesday evening, the court announced its decision. The judge, finding Gafarov guilty on both Articles – 147.1 (libel) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code, appointed for each of them – six months of imprisonment. Summing up both terms, the court sentenced Gafarov to a year in prison, lawyer Elchin Sadigov said.

At the same time, according to him, the judge did not allow Gafarov and lawyers to make a closing statement. Abid Gafarov believes that he is being persecuted  for exposure of the crimes of the security forces against the defendants in the “Terter case.”

Human rights activists also consider the accusation against Gafarov unfounded. In their opinion, the pressure on Gafarov is  because of his revelations of the facts of torture in the “Terter case.”

It should be noted that earlier, lawyer Ilham Aslanoglu, who also exposed the facts of torture of defendants in the “Terter case”, was sentenced to six months in prison. 

The relatives of the defendants in the “Terter case”  in sign of protest chanted slogans “Shame on the court!”, “Freedom for Abid Gafarov!”, “Resign!”.

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