The court sentenced the blogger to corrective labor

On March 4, the Khachmaz District Court sentenced blogger Jamil Mammadli to one and a half years of corrective labor. This decision was made by Judge Anar Sadigov on the complaint of the head of the Executive Power of the Guba region Ziyaddin Aliyev.

According to the court decision, during this period, 20% will be withheld from Mammadli’s income monthly in favor of the state. Mammadli does not agree with the verdict and intends to appeal it. “The court did not satisfy any of my petitions, did not call a single witness confirming the receipt of bribes,” Mammadli said.

The head of Guba accused Mammadli under  the Article  147.2 of the Criminal Code (slander in the commission of a serious crime).

The subject of the lawsuit was Mammadli’s video materials on his youtube channel “Modern period of ancient Guba”, “Phaeton swindle of a beggar”. It was stated in the publications that the executive branch embezzles funds from persons who receive social assistance.

Mammadli works as a freelance reporter. In the past, he was a regional correspondent for Radio Azadlyg.

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