The credentials of Azerbaijani delegation were not ratified in PACE

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted not to approve the credentials of the Azerbaijani delegation, which were contested at the beginning of the session.
This decision reflects the Assembly’s judgment that Azerbaijan has failed to fulfill significant commitments made upon its accession to the Council of Europe two decades ago.
The Assembly expressed substantial concerns regarding Azerbaijan’s ability to conduct fair elections, the separation of powers, the legislative weakness vis-à-vis the executive, the independence of the judiciary, and its human rights record. These concerns are based on multiple judgments from the European Court of Human Rights and opinions of the Venice Commission. The resolution, adopted with 76 votes in favor, 10 against, and 4 abstentions.
The resolution additionally pointed out instances of non-cooperation, such as denying meetings with individuals detained on politically motivated charges, not inviting PACE to observe the presidential election, and refusing visits by other PACE rapporteurs.
The resolution emphasizes that the Azerbaijani delegation may resume its activities when it complies with the Rules of Procedure. It is essential to note that this decision pertains solely to the credentials of the Azerbaijani parliamentary delegation, and Azerbaijan remains a full member of the Council of Europe.
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