The detention of three more arrested “in the case of Toplum TV” has been extended

Today, the Khatai District Court extended the terms of pre–trial detention of activists of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives (IDI) Ali Zeynal, Ilkin Amrahov, Ramil Babayev arrested “in the case of Toplum TV” for another 3 months – until October 6, their lawyers reported. According to the defenders, the decisions to extend the arrests are not justified, and an appeal will be filed against them.

At the same time, consideration of petitions to extend the terms of arrest of three more defendants in the case – the head of IDI Akif Gurbanov, IDI activist Ruslan Izzetli and journalist Mushvig Jabbar was postponed to July 4.

The postponement of the meeting was explained to the lawyers by the lack of vehicles at the penitentiary service to deliver the arrested to the court.  However, according to Gurbanov’s lawyer Shahla Humbatova, the goal was to minimize her client’s opportunities to communicate with other defendants in this case. Today the court also extended for 3 months the term of arrest of the founder of “Toplum TV” Alesker Mammadli.

*On March 6-8, 9 employees of “Toplum TV” and its partner organization, the Institute of Democratic Initiatives, were detained. They were accused of smuggling foreign currency. Seven people were arrested and two were placed under police supervision.

The founder of “Toplum TV,” Alesker Mammadli, was also accused of smuggling currency. During a search of his apartment, they allegedly found 7,300 euros.

Human rights activists have recognized the defendants in this case as political prisoners, and international organizations have called for their release.
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