The fate of 4 detained at the rally in support of Salekh Rustamov is unknown

December 2nd, 2021

Following the protest rally on 1 December in the centre of Baku demanding the release of political prisoner Saleh Rustamov, the fate of 4 activists detained by police are unknown.

In particular, there is no information about activist Rustam Ismailbeyli, members of the PPFA Ilham Husein, Sayad Guliyev and Elkhan Aliyev.

According to Ismailbeyli’s relatives, he took no part in the rally but went there after it was over.

The Interior Ministry would not comment on the fate of the detainees.

The PPFA told Turan that in total the police detained more than 40 people, most of whom were released. At the same time, many were subjected to violence at police stations.

Even worse, the most suffered was a member of the National Council,Tofig Yaghublu, who was repeatedly beaten and had his face disfigured, and PPFA member Pasha Dadashzadeh who had his arm broken, and dozens of others suffered minor injuries.