The oppositionist complains of arbitrariness and corruption in the colony, the penitentiary service rebuts

Lawlessness reigns in the colony number 17; every day the head of the colony violates rights of prisoners, tortures are used, and especially against new convicts. They demand money for everything. Activist of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA), Alizamin Salayev, a convict of the colony, told Turan.

Despite the grave health condition, doctors are not allowed to examine the patient. Salaev claims that the prisoners are held in harsh conditions and in need of help.

In turn, the department of public relations of the penitentiary service told Turan that reports of bribery and torture were false.

“Prisoners can voice their dissatisfaction through the hotline, contacting the penitentiary service and law enforcement agencies. Prisoners can have telephone conversations for 15 minutes twice a week, and the number of the “hotline” is indicated on the phone, “a representative of the penitentiary service said.

* It should be added that Alizamin Salayev was sentenced on April 20, 2020 by the Salyan region court to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment on “slander “and” insult” charges based on a complaint from a local police department officer.

The reason for the claim was a video distributed by Salaev on the Internet where in an interview with a police officer he accused the later of inciting a 21-year-old local resident to cohabitation.

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