The oppositionist stopped his hunger strike in custody

Zamin Salayev, an activist of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (Alizamin Salayev) stopped his hunger strike on the evening of August 6, his son Ogtay Salayev told Turan.

According to him, on Friday, the colony’s management invited the activist to hear his complaint.

“The father was assured that his health conditions had been under control and that he would be transferred to the medical unit of the colony and the medical institution of the Penitentiary Service. After that, my father stopped his hunger strike, ” O. Salaev said.

According to the young man, his father will resume his hunger strike if the promises fail to be fulfilled in the nearest days. He recalled that the activist suffered from heart failure, hypertension, his liver is enlarged, and the current heat has aggravated his health conditions. At the same time, he has been denied in hospitalization. For this reason, 4 days ago Salayev went on a hunger strike.

* It should be reminded that Alizamin Salayev was convicted on April 20, 2020 by the Salyan District Court and sentenced to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment on “slander “and” insult” charges based on a complaint from a local policeman.

The reason for the claim proved to be a video distributed by Salayev on the Internet where he, in an interview with the said policeman accused him of inciting a 21-year-old local resident to cohabitation.

On August 6, the court denied him parole due to serving half of his sentence.

Note that Salayev has been recognized by human rights activists as a political prisoner

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