The police have launched an investigation into the lawyer’s complaint

On September 2, Lawyer Elchin Sadigov testified in the 27th department of the Yasamal district police department due to the attack on him by the son of General Rovshan Akperov, Telman Abilov.

Note that the incident occurred in the building of the Baku military court, the lawyer told Turan. “In the courtroom I was asking questions to witnesses. This irritated Rovshan Akperov. Later, on the second floor of the administrative building of the court, his son Telman Akperov blocked my way. He tried to kick me with his right foot and punch me with his fist. At that moment, the person who stood between us did not allow him to strike me,” Sadygov said.

Owing to the incident, the lawyer appealed to the President of Azerbaijan, the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the bar association. “The reaction came from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today I gave a written testimony, an investigation is underway. I believe that the case will be fairly investigated and this person will be punished, “the lawyer said.

“The threat remains, because if not a person who stood between us, then Telman Akperov would have inflicted physical damage on me. The authorities should provide conditions for professional activity of a lawyer,” Sadygov said.

He promoted interests of Fadai Aliyev, the father of Elchin Aliyev whose murder Rovshan Akperov is accused of.

* On the night of May 31 to June 1, 2001, businessman Elchin Aliyev was killed with a knife in Kiev. One of the witnesses and the deceased’s mother declared expressly that Rovshan Akperov was a killer.

Then this story was hushed up. Perhaps, they appreciated  Akperov’s merits in suppressing anti-government protests in 1994 and 1995 in Baku and Ganja, for which he was awarded the title of National Hero.

** 55-year-old Rovshan Akperov, was a commander of the army corps, participated in the first Karabakh war.

Note that he was suspended from the last year’s 44-day war.

According to rumors, the general was extremely dissatisfied with this and demanded an explanation from the authorities.

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