The Prosecutor General’s Office punished a number of media and social media users

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan announced the adoption of measures against a number of media bodies and users of social networks.

The message of the Prosecutor General’s Office said: “Due to the constant dissemination of various biased information for the sake of sensation in social networks, not based on specific facts, on December 16 and 17, Abushov Zamig, Mahmudov Ilgar, Ibrahimov Mehdi, Safarsoy Rza were invited to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

They were warned and instructed that in case of a repetition of such actions, more stringent measures will be taken.”

In addition, journalist Mammadov Sahavat was fined 500 manats by a court decision “for posting information on the activities of the country’s military structures, the publication of which is prohibited by law, in his personal account on social networks.” He was charged with violations under Article 388-1.1.1 (Posting Prohibited Information on the Internet) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

The sites “”, “” and a number of other online publications were also fined under the Article 388-1.1.1 for 1500 manats for “propaganda, justification of suicide as a way of solving problems”, explanation of the ways of committing suicide.

In addition, Hikmet  Canmirza oglu Aghajanov, the director of a secondary school in the village of Yukhary Zeikhur, Gusar region, was warned for disseminating banned information about suicide.

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