Three animal protectors arrested for 15 days

On August 7, the Sabail District Court of Baku sentenced three animal defenders Elhan Mirzoyev, Nijat Ismayilov and Nijat Azayev to 15 days of administrative arrest, activist Aynur Babazade told Turan. According to her, the animal defenders were detained on August 6 in the evening.

“Last night we saw a man in the center who used a small monkey to take pictures with passers-by. We explained to him in a civil, calm manner that he, pulling out the teeth of the animal, was exploiting it. However, he answered us in a rude manner, began to insult, raised a fuss, a dispute arose,” the girl said.

According to her, police officers detained Elhan Mirzoyev, Nijat Ismayilov and Nijat Azayev, put them in a post-patrol car and took them away to the Sabail district police department of Baku.

On Saturday, the Sabail court sentenced the young people to 15 days of arrest, finding them guilty under the Article 510 (petty hooliganism) and 535 (not subordinate to the police) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

A protocol was drawn up under the Article 510 of the Administrative Code against Babazade, and she was fined 50 manats (30 dollars).

Yesterday afternoon these same activists held a protest action against the cruel treatment of homeless animals.

They believe that animals collected from the street for vaccination and sterilization in the Center for the care of stray dogs “Toplan” are actually killed.

The action was dispersed by the police.

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