Website editor Arshad Ibragimov detained in Ganja .

An editor of the website Arshad Inragimov was detained in Ganja the night before, his brother Tariel Ibragimov told Turan.

“For several days now, my brother has been called to the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Combating Organized Crime. Since the call was oral, my brother declined to go demanding from the authorities to send him a summons,” the journalist’s brother said.

At about 18.00, Ibragimov was seized by persons in civilian clothes near his house in Ganja and taken away in a car. After that there is no information about him.

To clarify the fate of the journalist, his brother appealed to the service 102, but failed.

Tariel Ibragimov believes that his brother was detained for criticizing the police on the website. Arshad Ibragimov published materials based on the citizen’s appeal.

It should be recalled he had earlier been subjected to criminal prosecution. So, on June 18, 2014, he was arrested in Ganja on fraud charges. According to relatives, the real reason for his detention was that he investigated the case of false diplomas. After the publication, a criminal case was opened both against an official and the journalist whom the official accused of extorting 30.000 manats.

As a result, Ibragimov was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, then the term was reduced to 5 years, and later he was released early after serving three-quarters of the term.—06D-


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