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Late journalist Rasim Aliyev’s 31st birthday marked at his grave

  The 16th of August would have been the birthday of Chairman and board member of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), journalist Rasim Aliyev, who died on 9 August after being severely beaten the previous day. He would have turned 31. Seven days had passed since his death. His family, friends and colleagues marked Aliyev’s birthday at his grave. (more…)

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Azerbaijani journalist appeals to Christiane Amanpour to help jailed colleagues

Azerbaijani journalist Idrak Abbasov’s story bears all the hallmarks of the typical forms of pressure used by an increasingly intolerant regime to silence its critics. Abbasov became a target for providing a rare critical voice in a media climate dominated by the state. As a result, Abbasov and his family faced years of pressure, ranging from harassment and threats to physical attacks. Nonetheless, he persisted in his efforts to tell the truth

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