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Citizen busted in Lenkoran for giving an interview to opposition newspaper

Lenkoran authorities have arrested a man following his interview to opposition newspaper, Bizim Yol. Shahin Agayev, resident of Lankaran city, who on January 14 told the Bizim Yol newspaper that his daughter had been beaten up by one of her teachers, was arrested on February 6. (more…)

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Former MP Gular Ahmadova’s grave crime case now rock-solid

Former member of Azerbaijani parliament Gular Ahmadova, whose lawsuit played a defining role in the arrest of Khural newspaper chief editor AvazZeynalli, was taken into custody late on February 13. The General Prosecutor’s Office reports that the criminal case on charges of embezzlementhas been opened against former MP.The case is based on the materials and information obtained from the scandalous video of Gular Ahmadova bargaining over parliamentary

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Statement: Free Zeynalli, stop attacks on media freedom

Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS) strongly denounces the 16-month pre-trial detention of Khural newspaper chief editor Avaz Zeynalli and calls on the government for his immediate release and rehabilitation. IRFS resolutely condemns the public prosecutor’s request for 11-year jail sentence for Avaz Zeynalli, and considers this move as another calculated attack on media freedom amid pre-election crackdown.  (more…)

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