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Khadija Ismayil Comments on Political Developments as Prison Authorities Restrict Communication with Lawyers

 On January 8, lawyers Fariz Namazli and Yalchin Imanov met with investigative journalist Khadija Ismayil in Prison #4, reported Namazli.   Namazli quoted the journalist as saying that addressing human rights and political prisoners should be laid down as a condition in the upcoming meeting between Ilham Aliyev and Barack Obama in Washington, DC.   "Doesn't it seem ironic to the international community that such serious discussions

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Jailed Editor Hilal Mammadov: Requesting a Pardon Undermines the Dignity of a Political Prisoner

On December 30, prisoner of conscience Hilal Mammadov made a public appeal:   "Anticipating or expecting a presidential pardon is not in keeping with the dignity of a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience. Clearly, from both the legal and common sense points of view, any application for a pardon entails acceding to the trumped-up charges, which constitutes a serious blow to your fight for justice. Long live the solidarity, honor, and

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