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Witness Testimonies Continue in Trial for Critical Journalist Ganimat Zahid’s Relatives

Summary: Hearing 10  Huseynov Gasim Nizami oglu, the chief detective of the Main Drug Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, testified as a witness and said that on July 20, 2015 they received operational information about Rufat Zahidov’s engagement in drug trafficking and having drugs on him at the moment, and therefore they went to the café, where Rufat Zahidov was, to check the information. Baku Grave Crimes Court, under

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Ganimat Zahid’s Brother Fired

Feraset Zahidov, the brother of political exile Ganimat Zahid, has been dismissed from his job. His brother Ganimat is the Editor-in-Chief of Azadliq newspaper and is behind the Azerbaijani Hour TV program.   According to Feraset Zahidov, until his dismissal on November 23, he had been working as a repairman for the Cooperation University.   Feraset Zahidov believes his dismissal is related to Ganimat Zahid’s work. (more…)

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