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Supreme Court Dismisses Opposition Party Member Siraj Karimli’s Appeal

Summary: Hearing 1  Lawyer Nemat Karimli made a speech at the hearing and asked the court to acquit Siraj Karimli and to recompense him for the material and moral damage caused;  Public prosecutor Orkhan Damirli said the cassational complaint was unfounded as Siraj Karimli’s offense had been fully proven based on the witness testimonies and forensic medical expert opinion included in the case file, and asked the court to reject the cassational

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Siraj Karimli in critical condition after surgery in jail

 Siraj Karimli, a prisoner of conscience, was transferred from jail to the Central Hospital of the Penitentiary Service on 14 October, after suffering a perforated bowel. In the hospital, he received a diagnosis, and long overdue surgery was scheduled, reported his father, Rafig Karimli. After a difficult three-hour operation, Siraj Karimli was moved to the intensive care unit, and is reportedly in a critical condition.   “He suffered

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