March 10th, 2008
Over the past few days reports have been disseminated that the leadership and staff of “24 Saat” Newspaper has been changed.

In connection with this, the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety contacted “24 Saat” Newspaper Chief Editor Fikret Faramezoglu. “Recently we have had some financial problems, and I waited for a while,” said Faramezoglu. “But because I could not maintain the newspaper in this situation, I went to the Justice Ministry and annulled our registration. From what I hear the newspaper has been restored, and its chief editor will be Ilham Tumas.”
Regarding this, Tumas told IRFS that one friend whom he did not want to name restored the newspaper and offered him the position of chief editor. “The newspaper’s staff has already been determined, and in the near future we will restore publishing,” said Tumas.