April 8th, 2008

Today accusations and negative thoughts were sounded against “Azadlig” newspaper and the newspaper’s correspondent Agil Khalil during a press conference conducted by Azadlig Herekatchilari Birliyi (Azadlig Movement Union) in the International Press Center.

The Head of the Union, Tahmasib Novruzov, who is also the founder of “Azadlig Fedaleri” Newspaper, expressed his opinion about the footage that was broadcast on TV channels yesterday (7 April) and called it an extraordinary situation. “’Azadlig’ newspaper is native to us.  We rejoice over its success and worry about its failure. We have right to express our position on this matter and fight back when our morals are damaged. This issue should have been concealed. Ali Karimli (ed. head of the opposition “Popular Front” Party) stands behind all of these. The newspaper is his monopoly. The matter of Agil Khalil is called provocation, but it is not.” According to Novruzov, “Azadlig” Newspaper is facing problems because of the publication’s employees.