April 13th, 2009
Yesterday, 12 April, in Sumgayit City, an action called “Let’s read for an hour if not for 168 hours” was conducted by “168 Saat” Newspaper, the Sumgayit city Youth and Sports Head Department, and “Individual Development and Career Center” jointly. This action focused on reading newspapers and arousing an interest in the press.   

During the first part of the action, which was held in two parts, about 50 youth sat down and read newspapers. The second part of the action consisted of a march. “168 Saat” Newspaper Chief Editor Vusal Mammadov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that the goal of this action was to attract public attention to the press.
“The public is less aware of the issues discussed in the press. Interest in the press is not unilateral in the regions especially. ‘168 Saat’ has the ability to attract more public attention.”
Sumgayit City Executive Administration Representatives, parliamentarians, Sumgayit city intellectuals, and youth participated in the event.