Activist deported from Germany has health problems

Activist Mutallim Orudjev, arrested after being deported from Germany, complains about the absence of effective medical care in the pre-trial detention center.  The activist has consistently high blood pressure (the top mark is 170-180), his son  Elvin Oruj told Turan.

No treatment is provided in the pre-trial detention center. “My father had serious health problems. Before being deported from Germany, he suffered a severe form of coronavirus. I spent three weeks in the hospital, and the arrest exacerbated the effects of the virus,” he said.

Lawyer Neymat Karimli confirmed  that Oruj has serious health problems and is not provided with effective medical care. The lawyer recalled that on October 21, the Sumgayit  Serious Crimes Court sentenced M. Orudjev to 7 years in prison. Karimli filed an appeal against the verdict.

It was not possible to get comments from the Main Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for protecting the health of prisoners.

Orudjev was expelled from Germany by way of readmission on June 1 last year. In October, he was arrested on charges of drug trafficking on a large scale. Human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner. The true reason for his persecution is participation in protests in Europe against violations of human rights in Azerbaijan.

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