Activists complained about police to Prosecutor General’s Office

Activists Gulmira Aslanova and Sevinj Sadygova, through a lawyer, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office due to violent actions against them by police officers after being detained at a rally on September 30.

“We were detained at the rally and taken to the “automobile market” outside the city. We demanded to be returned to the city. When Sevinge Sadygova went live, we were literally thrown out of the car,” Aslanova said, adding that one of the policemen took her phone and used physical force.

According to her, after the police detained them again and took them to the main police department of Baku.

There, Aslanova continued, they were apologized and offered to come to testify on October 6.

“Yesterday we officially testified. We were assured that an investigation was launched against the policeman who used force on October 3,” Aslanova said.

Nevertheless, the activists, through the lawyer Zibeida Sadygova, sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office, attaching a photo of traces of violence on their body.

It ought to be noted that the action on September 30 was organized by the PPFA to protest against the draft of a new law on political parties. The police stopped the action on the grounds that it was not coordinated by the city authorities. 

According to the Interior Ministry, there were no detainees at the rally.

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