Agdash Voters Forced to Withdraw Their Nominating Petition Signatures for Igbal Agazade


Voters, who have signed the nominating petition for Umid (Hope) Party chairman Igbal Agazade who is running for the Parliament (Milli Majlis) in the repeat election to be held in Agdash constituency #90, are harassed and demanded to withdraw their signatures, Umid Party Deputy Chairman for Press and Information Affairs Elman Abbasov said.

The elections to the Parliament (Milli Majlis) of Azerbaijan Republic were held on November 01, 2015. However, on November 17, 2015, the Central Election Commission annulled the results of Agdash Election Constituency #90. On April 12, 2016, the President of Azerbaijan signed an order to appoint a repeat election to Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic in Agdash election constituency #90, and the repeat election to the parliament was set for June 18, 2016. The chairman of Umid Party also nominated his candidacy.

According to Elman Abbasov, they have received the harassment reports from the petition signatories via phone calls. “When collecting signatures, we gave our mobile phone numbers to the persons who signed the petition. Today, they phoned us and told that they are being pressured. They are forced to write a statement on withdrawal of their signatures. The statement reads that allegedly Igbal Agazade’s signature collectors deceived the residents by introducing themselves as employees of public utilities and had them sign some document. According to the residents, the attempts to pressurize some families were unsuccessful,” Elman Abbasov said.

Elmar Abbasov said public workers are facing more pressure. He said the process of extracting statements of signature withdrawal was still underway.

Elman Abbasov said they had called up the Agdash Constituency Election Commission #90 and Central Election Commission hotline to complain about the irregularities, but no one picked up the phone.

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