March 17th, 2008
Today IRFS’ staff visited Agil Khalil in the Clinic Medical Center Hospital (formerly known as Musa Naigyev First Aid Hospital). 

While IRFS was visiting, Baku City Police Department operative works deputy chief Elkhan Huseynov, and case investigator Elchin Mammedov took a statement from Khalil about the attack on him. During this period, the police also introduced a list of all of the calls Khalil received from Azercell phone numbers and made to Azercell phone numbers since 23 February, and asked the journalists which numbers he was not familiar with. E. Huseynov told Khalil that the list is composed of numbers that the Ministry of Interior received from local mobile telephone service provider Azercell.  After this, the police said that it was necessary for Agil Khalil to go with the investigative team to the scene of the incident.  
After the bandage on Khalil’s wound was changed, he was discharged from the hospital and taken by police to the location where he was stabbed. Once Agil Khalil started speaking to the investigation and showing how he was stabbed, law enforcement officers forbid the press from taking photos and filming. Yasamal District Police Department Chief Mohubbet Huseynov also came to scene of the incident at this time.  
After this, Agil Khalil and Azer Ahmedov were taken to the Baku City Police Department.  
In the evening IRFS contacted Azer Ahmedov. Ahmedov said that he and Khalil were still at the police department, and have been there for over three hours now. “During this period a number of investigative actions have been taken, and they continue. As a result of this, Agil must remain in Baku for three more days.” *IRFS notes that when Khalil was leaving the hospital, he said he was planning to briefly visit Kurdamir, where his parents live.
Recall that on the evening of March 13 Khalil was attacked by four people and stabbed in the chest, near his heart.