February 15th, 2008
Deputy to the Secretary of CE Committee of Ministers Christophe Poirel told APA, that the" Ago Group" will visit Azerbaijan on April 3-4.

According to him, the regulation of activity in the field of media, TV and radio will be one of the discussion topics, along with the upcoming elections.
 "The Council of Europe supports projects on the formation of journalism, but this does not mean that the Article on defamation will not be paid attention to," said Poirel. "These issues should be carried out in parallel. The 'Ago' group, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Commission on Human Rights and other organizations believe that the article on defamation should be removed from the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Experts from the Council of Europe examined the law regulating activity of radio and television. The law regulating the activity of radio and television will be discussed during this visit. 'Ago' group is interested in whether Azerbaijan intends to change the law regulating activity of radio and television, based on recommendations of the European Council's experts or not."
*The AGO group is responsible for monitoring Azerbaijan and Armenia's fulfillment of commitments to the Council Europe.