Agyl Humbatov Sent to Madhouse Again (UPDATED)

Baku / 03.04.20 / Turan: A member of the Popular Front Party Agyl Humbatov has again been sent to a psychiatric hospital. After yesterday’s detention, he was again sent to court, and based on the testimonies of three false witnesses, it was decided that he was still crazy. Although two days ago, the same court ruled that Humbatov was mentally healthy.

His relatives are convinced that he was again detained for reporting in social networks about the terrible conditions in the psychiatric hospital and about the illegal actions of the police. –0—–

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2020 April 03 (Friday) 00:13:23

Agyl Humbatov Detained Again (UPDATED)

Agyl Humbatov was again detained on April 2. This was reported by his wife.

In her opinion, Humbatov was detained because of his speech on social networks in which he talked about the appalling conditions in the psychiatric hospital. –0—-

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2020 April 02 (Thursday) 14:31:34

Oppositionist about staying in a mental hospital

Baku/02.04.20/Turan: On March 1, activist of the Popular Front Party, Agil Humbatov, who was imprisoned on March 1 at the No. 1 Psychiatric Hospital in the village of Mashtaga, was released on April 1.

In his video message on Facebook, he said that he was forced into a psychiatric hospital by a court decision.

“I was detained by people in civilian clothes and taken to the police. An ambulance was called there, which, along with the police, drove me to the hospital. The psychiatric hospital did not want to take, because I had a fever. However, the police insisted,” says Humbatov.

He was placed in the infectious diseases ward, given medications, after which the temperature dropped. At the same time, doctors noted his lack of mental illness.

However, Humbatov was placed in the same room with the mentally ill. The latter was in a dirty state and aggressive. “I redeemed him, after which he calmed down and fell asleep.” The activist claims that in the hospital unsanitary conditions and patients are given terribly poor-quality food.

Humbatov said that the reason for his imprisonment in the hospital was a court decision that said that he allegedly took off his pants in a public place.

“That’s bullshit. They cannot even slander a person normally,” Humbatov said.

On April 1, a judge of the Sabunchu court suddenly appeared in the hospital presented a new decision on his release.

Humbatov was detained after his March 29 video appeal to the country’s leadership complaining about the lack of funds to treat a sick child. –06D-

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