Azerbaijani President announces new repressions against opposition

‘I believe that the steps taken by the authorities, the beginning of the political dialogue and the positive reaction of the opposition parties to this create a completely new situation during the period of independence of Azerbaijan. During this period of independence, such a positive picture has never been observed in this area. Perhaps I am a bit ahead of the curve because this process is just beginning. But, perhaps, I’m ahead because of the fact that I want this process to go on quickly,’ said the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev at a meeting in a video conference format on the socio-economic results of the first quarter of 2020.

The head of state expressed satisfaction that all opposition parties had given a positive response to this proposal, and the political dialogue is starting. The president expressed confidence that this would be of great benefit to the country.

‘As for those who refused this dialogue, it would be wrong to call them political force. Because the people who have united in this camp have been waging their dirty struggle for years, not against the authorities, but against our state and people. Their main goal is to create tension. Everything that is bad for our country and people is good for them. This is also shown by the history of their activities. We have not forgotten this history. At the beginning of the 1990s, these same forces plunged Azerbaijan into a difficult situation, committed treason and determined the occupation of our lands. After that they cowardly fled and hid. These people dealt a big blow to Azerbaijan and launched a civil war. When our lands were captured, brotherly blood was shed here. This group created chaos and anarchy in our country, turned corruption into state policy, and incompetence, lack of culture and bad manners have already become a symbol of the Popular Front-Musavat government. As a result of the treacherous activity of the people representing that power, the country was actually on the verge of collapse,’ said the president.

Ilham Aliyev noted that therefore, in the current situation, one cannot call this grouping a political force.

‘I must also say that they always expect something and always hope for an external factor. Remember when revolutions took place in the post-Soviet space in 2005, they were inspired by this and decided to make an ‘Orange Revolution.’ They could not even choose a separate colour for themselves and decided to apply the orange colour from Ukraine here. They ordered and brought orange T-shirts and bows to the country. However, they did not take into account the fact that in 2005 parliamentary elections were held in November, when the cold was already beginning. I remember this funny picture when they went outside, wearing orange t-shirts over their jackets and coats. Some tied them to the neck, some to the head. All this created a comical picture. Here are all their abilities. It didn’t work either. Then, when the ‘Arab spring’ began, they again became inspired that they would get some opportunity. In 2011-2012. they wanted a repeat of the ‘Arab spring’ in Azerbaijan. It didn’t work either. Everyone remembers what ugly steps they took in anticipation of the 2013 presidential election. Now they perceive coronavirus as a gift from heaven.

Today, only this anti-people group is happy with the coronavirus. Of course, I am aware of current events, and their dirty intentions create a terrible picture. They want an increase in the number of dead people, they want the number of sick people to grow, they are happy that people are dying. That is, this enmity is not against the government, but against the state. I call everything by their proper names. If someone is hostile to our state and people, then we can call him only one word – the enemy. Everyone should call them that. Their current desires will not come true either. But this is not about that, it is about the fact that political reforms today create a completely new configuration. I am sure that there is no and should not be a place for a marginal grouping in the new configuration. The Azerbaijani people dropped them into the landfill of history 27 years ago,’ said the head of state.

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