Anar Bayramli says that drugs were planted on him

Today Binagady District Court held a hearing on the case of Anar Bayramli, the Azerbaijan correspondent for Iranian Sahar TV. Judge Tarlan Karimov presided over the hearing.

In his speech, Bayramli stated that he had been targeted for his journalistic activity and that drugs were planted in his clothing at Police Office #4. In his witness testimony Rufat Gasimov, an officer from Police Office #4, said that they detained Bayramli due to his suspicious behavior, and subsequently found drugs in his pocket. Bayramli objected, alleging that Gasimov was not among the officers who detained him.
Bayramli was detained on February 17th by officers from Binagadi Police Office #4, who reportedly found 4 milligrams of heroin in his pockets. He was charged under article 234.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal manufacturing, purchase, possession, transportation, transfer or selling of narcotics, and psychotropic substances).
His lawyer Anar Gasimli said that the statement his client gave during the initial investigation – taken in the absence of a legal representative – is invalid. Due to the absence of other witnesses, the case was re-appointed to June 1st 2:30pm.

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