Another activist expelled from Germany arrested

Punhan Karimli, an activist of the Popular Front Party, who was returned from Germany in November last year by way of readmission, was accused of drug trafficking.

He was detained on January 25 at the Narimanov metro station, his father Vahid Kerimov told Turan. Currently, the activist is being held in pre-trial detention center No. 3 in the Shuvalan village.

“The arrest of my son is a political order, he was arrested for political activities, for participating in protests against the Azerbaijani authorities,” said the activist’s father.

According to him, Punhan was expelled from Germany on November 24 last year. “The police grabbed my son on the street and the next day he was deported to Baku. His wife did not know about his detention. After being delivered to Baku, he was kept in quarantine for two weeks. Three men in civilian clothes came to him and interrogated him,” the man said.

P. Karimli is 32 years old. He migrated from Azerbaijan on October 8, 2018. Prior to that, being a member of the PFPA, he actively participated in protests in Baku. For this, he was persecuted and forced to leave the country. Karimli’s rights are defended by lawyer Javad Javadov.

It should be noted that on January 27, another activist, expelled from Germany in November 2021, Jafar Mirzoev, was detained on charges of drug trafficking.

In addition, two more activists, also expelled from Germany, Mutallim Orujev and Malik Rzayev, were arrested last fall.

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