Another Democracy 1918 activist arrested for 30 days

Detained on November 11, a member of the board of the youth movement “Democracy – 1918” Afiyaddin Mammadov was administratively arrested for 30 days.

Mammadov was detained on Friday when he was returning home.

“Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the detention of Afiyaddin to us. And in the evening it became known that he was administratively arrested for 30 days,” the organization said.

A day earlier, another activist of the Democracy-1918 Movement, Orkhan Zeynalli, was arrested for 30 days.

Both activists are also unionized food delivery couriers.
The Movement believes that the activists were arrested on trumped-up charges and are being persecuted for their active citizenship and struggle for the labor rights of couriers.

It was not possible to get comments from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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