February 18th, 2008
"Show Akademiya" newspaper deputy editor, journalist Vugar Karimoglu received death threats from popular Azerbaijani singer, “People’s Singer” Adalat Shukurov.

Karimoglu reported this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety. He said, "On 28 January I was a guest for the "El Ichinde" program aired in "ATV" TV channel. I expressed my personal opinion about the voice capability of singers and said that A. Shukurov doesn't have strong voice. He can sing with loud background music only. On 2 February, during a different video-recording A. Shukurov called me from a hidden number. My co-worker answered the call. A. Shukurov spoke offensively about me. Then between 5-7 pm I was forced to answer the phone because the calls kept coming nonstop from a hidden number. A. Shukurov started insulting me. I tried to calm him down but he ignored me and threatened me with death. I have already appealed to Ministry of Interior, National Defense Ministry, Baku Prosecutor's Office and Baku Head Police Department."