Another lawsuit against Azadliq newspaper

The newspaper “Azadliq” and Javad Javadov, the lawyer of detained theologian Taleh Baghirzadeh have been sued by former investigator Vusal Salehov, who was in charge of investigating  Baghirzadeh’s case. “The lawsuit stems from my Facebook post in which I wrote that the theologian held religious conversations with Salehov encouraging him to refrain from the wrong path. I also stated that Taleh Baghirov told him about the lives of the prophet and the imams, Islamic dogmas, and told him hadiths. Those conversations paid off. Vusal Salehov voluntarily resigned from the job. He has found a new job and earns a living for his family.  I am happy for him. May all other officials have such a good fortune. Serving as a state official in such a regime is equal to sacrificing your life” I wrote.

I have been taken to court over this post and the Azadliq newspaper has been sued for publishing it. Vusal Salehov has appealed to the Yasamal District Court demanding 50,000 AZN of financial compensation” said the lawyer, and added that the preparatory hearing on the lawsuit will be held on September 20, in the Yasamal district court, under the chairmanship of judge Ayaz Mammadov.

The first deputy editor of Azadliq newspaper, Rahim Hajiyev said they are aware of the lawsuit and they do not except the possibility that the newspaper, which already experiences severe financial strains, could face another financial sanction.

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