ANS has withdrawn its lawsuits against media outlets

ANS Press Company has withdrawn its lawsuits against Yeni Musavat newspaper and portal, in which appears to be a gesture of solidarity with colleagues who face the threat of closure. According to ANS management has taken this step after these media outlets admitted their mistakes and announced that they were ready to publish ANS’s comments on the matter, thus fulfilling ANS’s demands.

Yeni Musavat lawyer Vagif Huseyn told IRFS that ANS has done this colleague’s gesture, considering the risk of closure that the newspaper faces after a large fine imposed on it.

“ANS told the court that if the newspaper that they sued is under a threat of closure, they won’t join efforts to have the newspaper closed, and therefore decide to withdraw their suit against Yeni Musavat” said the lawyer.

Background: ANS sued the Yeni Musavat over the article “ANS stopped publication of its two magazines” which was published in January 1, 2013 issue of the newspaper. ANS required that Yeni Musavat and provide refutation and pay 20,000AZN and 100,000AZN in compensation respectively.

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