December 20th, 2008
Yesterday, 19 December, “ANS” (Azerbaijan News Service) TV was attacked. “Damas” automobile belonging to “ANS” TV channel has been subjected to attack by “Mercedes” with state plate number 10-KE-733 on the road going to “Azadlig” square from “Azneft” circle when the recording group wanted to film the people who were injured in the road accident on Neftchilar Prospect.

The owner of the “Mercedes” is unknown. The unknown driver drove the “Mercedes” onto “Damas”. As a result of “Damas” driver’s alertness, the accident was prevented. This is reported by “ANS”.  
According to the reports, “Mercedes” was joined by another car after this. This was “Mitsubishi Pajero” with state plate number 10-UG-733. The driver of “Mitsubishi” drove his car towards the “Damas” automobile belonging to “ANS” TV and blocked its way not letting the “Damas” with recording group inside move. After stopping “Mercedes” and “Mitsubishi Pajero” with difficulty, five or six drunken people, who got off the cars, insulted “ANS” employees and made them get off the car. Then they tried to provoke “ANS” employees using humiliating expressions. However, “ANS” employees were able to leave the scene without reacting to the opposite side after a long argument.
“ANS” TV leadership has already appealed officially to the Sabail District Police Department regarding the incident.
The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety contacted the Sabail District Police Department to find out whether a criminal case was opened regarding the incident. An employee on duty whose name is Alizade said that police do not have any information on this fact.