August 18th, 2011
The ANS TV correspondents to Ganja – Tahmina Taghizade and Fuad Rzayev – faced pressures from the local law-enforcement agencies while carrying out their professional duties, reported Taghizada told IRFS today.

The journalist said that they had been filming the destruction of a  historical building by executive officers. The building, which is located in Nizami Street in Ganja, was founded in 1910.
 “Although we wanted to film what was happening, the police forced us to leave the area.  The executive head of Executive Power of Ganja Elmar Valiyev called my cell-phone and threatened and insulted me.  When I asked them to allow my colleague to film the scene from a distance,  one of the policeman told Fuad Rzayev that he would plant narcotics in his pocket,” said Taghizade.
IRFS contacted Ruslan Gardashov, an employee at the Public Relations department of the Executive Power of Ganja City. Gardashov was not be able to answer our questions; he said he was on holiday.  When we called the Executive Head Elmar Valiyev, he asked, “Who are you? How dare you ask me questions?” before hanging up.