ANS TV presenter claims unfair dismissal

Two popular TV presenters have reportedly been fired from their job, in violation of labor code. According to the local media reports, presenter of ANS TV program Dogruya Dogru (Towards the Truth) Zemine Aliyeva and presenter of Shoumen (Showman) program Vusale Shaveligizi were fired from their job on June 18.

ANS TV vice-president Mirshahin Agayev denied the news about dismissal of Zemine Aliyeva and Vusale Shaveligizi.

However journalist Zemine Aliyeva confirmed the information to IRFS, saying that the reports are true.

“My program was actually going to stop being aired, and I had written a leave application. The news editor Murad Huseynov had told me that as the project was about to end, upon my return from leave I would work as a presenter for Bash Khabar (Main News) program. Then, all of a sudden, they called me saying that I had to attend a meeting on June 15. When I came to ANS, they told me that I had to take a re-qualification test. I objected saying that it was not right. I cited a Cabinet of Ministers decision, according to which, initial preparations must be conducted and the participants must be informed in advance. This is a violation of my right. As a person, who holds public officials to account in her programs, I consider this as a humiliation towards myself. This is a total breach of law. In an objection to this, I refused to take part in the test. In response to this, I was informed on June 17 that I was sent on a 2-month unpaid leave for objecting to the re-qualification test. They did not even give my leave pay. I wrote a letter to ANS TV president Vahid Mustafayev and General Director Mir Shahin Agayev, where I indicated that my honors degree in journalism, the valuable knowledge I’ve gained from Russian and foreign sources, my 11-year experience in television and the fact that it was me whom you used to entrust the most important tasks, would guarantee my success in this re-qualification test. My objection was to the game played with me” noted the journalist.

The journalist also reminded that under the Article 66 of the Labor Code, the re-qualification test shouldn’t apply to pregnant women, and the employees, who have a refugee states or has been working for less than 5 years. “Therefore it should not apply to me” said Aliyeva.

Unlike her colleague, Showman presenter Vusale Shahveligizi denied the reports about her dismissal to the IRFS.

“As you know, just as the other programs Showman will also stop being aired due to season finale. I cannot say exactly whether the program will continue in the next season. It can continue or be replaced by another project (program). But the reports about my sacking are false. I have a big respect to the ANS leadership” the journalist stressed.

Advisor to the ANS president, Mais Mammadov, told IRFS that these all are rumors and there is no order of dismissal about the said ANS TV presenters.

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