The Ministry of Taxes has opened tax inspections in all ANS Company Groups, Tax Ministry spokesman Fariz Samadov told IRFS today.

According to him, the implementation of mobile tax inspections is one of the Ministry’s functions, and this inspection is being conducted pursuant in accordance with the relevant Articles of the Tax Code:

“From November 13th, the Tax Ministry Audit Department opened a mobile tax inspection in ANS Kommers and ANS Press to cover the period between October 2007 to September 2010, and an inspection of ANS TV to cover the period from November 2007 to October 2010,” said Samadov. He added that the inspection is being carried out to investigate discrepancies in tax declarations submitted by the ANS Group of Companies, in addition to problems with their tax audit.

IRFS correpondents were unable to talk to any representatives of the ANS Group. According to Turan Information Agency, ANS is being punished for broadcasting news items featuring election fraud. “According to a reliable source, the TV channel was ordered not to broadcast such violations. After these broadcasts, Seyfulla Mustafayev, the brother of ANS owner Vahid Mustafayev, was dismissed from his position.”

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