January 17th, 2008
Today in the office of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety a press conference related to the response to an appeal seeking the erection of a memorial in honor of slain Azerbaijani journalist Elmar Huseynov was conducted.

Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety director Emin Huseynov opened the conference, saying, “We have started the campaign for the creation of a memorial in honor of Azerbaijani journalist Elmar Huseynov in October. The campaign consists of two stages.  The first stage includes a signature campaign, sending the signatures to the mayor’s office and obtaining permission for the memorial. In the second stage we have to prepare sketches and collect money. After that, the erection of the memorial matter must find its solution. On November 15 last year we appealed with more than 560 signatures to Baku City’s Executive Administration about creating a memorial in honor of Elmar Huseynov on Matbuat Avenue due to his works in the freedom of speech area in Azerbaijan. Two months later, we received a letter from Baku City’s Executive Administration. According to the letter, we have to appeal to the president of the republic. It is noted in the letter that Baku City’s Executive Administration can realize this matter only after the adoption of relevant decisions by the government. So, the government carries out the erection of memorials for the citizens who display special services for the motherland. We conducted several discussions with lawyer Isakhan Ashurov about this. And today I. Ashurov is preparing an appeal to the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The appeal will be sent to Ilham Aliyev, and then he must respond within the time frame delineated in Azerbaijan’s legislation.”  

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety director also spoke about the next steps related to campaign in support of erection of the memorial. Emin Huseynov noted that, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) has allocated 6,000 USD for the campaign. One of the focal points of this campaign will be a competition to create a special symbol of freedom of expression in Azerbaijan and Elmar Huseynov. Throughout a one-month period advertisements will appear in “Azerbaijan,” “Republic,” “Khalg,” “Ayna,” “Zerkalo,” “Ekho,” “Azadlig” and “Yeni Musavat” newspapers about the competition and campaign for the memorial. After that, a commission will be founded to choose competition winners. There is a monetary reward for the top three symbols selected by the commission, and the best symbol will also be carved into the base of the Elmar Huseynov memorial, when it is erected.  

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