April 20th, 2011
The family of Attorney Vidadi Isgandarov has been facing increasing harassment since his arrest at the April 17th rally, according to his family members a press conference at the IRFS press center. Isgandarov was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

Isgandarov’s spouse and brother expressed concern over his situation. They said that Isgandarov might be charged with false accusations. Vidadi’s brother Ogtay Isgandarov said that their appeals to law-enforcement agencies regarding the threats to their family have been ignored.
“We are lookning forward to receiving help from foreign embassies and international organizations,” Ogtay Isgandarov stressed.Vidadi’s spouse Kamala Isgandarova said that she has been followed. She demands an end to this arbitrariness.
Vidadi Isgandarov was previously an employee at the prosecutor’s offices. However, he was dismissed for his criticism of the leadership, after which he began to operate as a human rights defender. He unveiled election fraud facts in Goychay region, where he ran for parliament in the 2010 parliamentary elections.  Isgandarov defended the rights of citizens cheated by GEN LLC, relatives of Elvin Asgarov, who was beaten to death by police, and the drivers who were beaten by the employees of Ministry of Transport. Isgandarov was detained during the monitoring of the April 2nd opposition rally and sentenced to 8 days in jail. On April 17, at another opposition rally, he was detained again and sentenced to 15 days in jail. Isgandarov is suffering from diabetes.