October 14th, 2011
A group of people attacked Yeni Musavat newspaper editorial office at approximately 12pm today, reported deputy editor-in-chief Azer Aykhan to IRFS

According to Aykhan, the people identified themselves at intellectuals from the Salyan region, and were protesting against the publication of articles published about the executive head of the region.
“Beydulla Imanov, who introduced himself as the leader of the group, along with Gulam Sadigov and Nadir Rustamov, who were accompanying him, warned me in a threatening tone that Yeni Musavat should stop publishing articles that are critical of Tahir Karimov, the executive head of the region. They said that Karimov has carried out great renovation and reconstruction activities in the region. They used insulting and rude language,” said Aykhan, and added that when he asked them to leave the office, they continued to issue insults and threats as they went out. Aykhan will report the incident to the police. founder Rauf Arifoglu reported on October 12th that he received a phone call from phone number 050 377 98 00, where the caller threatened him and told that there will be an attack on the editorial office as a result of the articles pubished about the executive head of the region.