January 28th, 2008
An attempt was made to kidnap an employee of “Azadlig” Newspaper, “Azadlig” Newspaper Director Azer Ahmedov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today.

The employee’s identity is being kept secret; however Ahmedov noted that this employee has formerly been the victim of an attack. In this most recent incident an attempt was made to kidnap the employee as he went home.  
Ahedmov said that “Azadlig” Newspaper has no intention of appealing to law enforcement agencies about this incident because “instead of helping us, they could create problems for us.” “If we appeal to the local police, this journalist will be called in several times and interrogated,” said Ahmedov. “He will be distanced from his work, and this will be a blow to his journalism activities. Also, we are not certain that this kidnap attempt was not made the police themselves.”