Attesting Witness Turns Out To Be Drug Addict


New facts have surfaced about the case of NIDA Civic Movement member Bayram Mammadov, who has recently been sentenced to 10 years in jail by Baku Grave Crimes Court, Mammadov’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov said on 19 December.
The lawyer said he had disclosed official documents in court regarding the cooperation between the police and the attesting witnesses in Mammadov’s fabricated criminal case who had regularly taken part in different other cases, but the court ignored this evidence.
Sadigov noted that the judge had tried to interrupt him when he was asking the attesting witnesses at the hearing whether they suffered from drug abuse. The lawyer added that the attesting witnesses had persistently asserted in court that they did not use drugs and were not registered at the narcological dispensary.
“Today it was fully proven that Karimov Intigam Asib oglu (born on 1 December 1972), who has testified against Bayram Mammadov, has been registered at the Narcological Dispensary with the diagnosis of opium addiction since 2002. This is how the witness base of the police is. They cooperate with this kind of people and use them as attesting witnesses to frame individuals,” the lawyer said.
Ingilab Karimov, who born false witness against Bayram Mammadov about the detection of drugs on him and in his apartment, has also been an attesting witness in the Nardaran case and has testified that he allegedly saw weapons and ammunition be found on the defendants.

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